10 Things Dads Should Know Before Having Kids


Tonight’s guest post is from Mr. Bottlesoup, dad of 2 little people and recovering sports fan. Mr. Bottlesoup holds a B.A. in Psychology/Biological Anthropology from Penn State’s Schreyer Honors College, a M.S. in Sports Business from New York University, and is currently a stand up comic and podcaster (not a joke). 

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How to Give Your Toddler New Toys Every Week Without Spending a Dime


Every parent of a toddler wants to know this secret: how do you keep your toddler entertained and interested in their toys without cluttering the entire home or draining your wallet? Continue Reading

NEW Pampers Premium Care Diapers Now Available at Walmart #MothersPromise (Sponsored)

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Pampers.

shespeakspampersOne of the best things about being a mommy blogger is getting to try all the latest and greatest baby things before the products even hit the shelves. That being said, I don’t endorse every product I review; however, in the case of Pampers Premium Care Diapers, I absolutely recommend these diapers! 

First, let me share my story about how I came to test these amazing new Pampers Premium Care Diapers. I received an email from SheSpeaks, then I filled out a brief survey, and I qualified for the review. I expected the diapers to take weeks to arrive, so I was surprised when the influencer kit arrived 2 days later!

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Stop Talking About the Effing Mommy Wars


We’ve all seen it. Pretty much any “controversial” post written by a woman, regarding parenting or mom-ing, is met with a barrage of the same tired comments: “Stop the mommy wars” or “Stop fueling the mommy wars” or a variation of that notion. Today, I’m telling you to STFU about the “mommy wars”. It’s annoying. It’s anti-feminist. And it’s some serious BS.

Women who have children are “moms”. Ok, fine. Not all “moms” raise their children the same way. Not all “moms” have the same political views. Not all “moms” even have the same birth plan. This whole movement of “don’t say anything against mommy culture because we are all a support system” thing is garbage. GARBAGE.

Just because I’ve had children does not mean I am in some sort of motherhood sisterhood with you. See how stupid that sounds? “Motherhood sisterhood”, though, is really what these whackadoos want. Basically, the rules are:

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4 Amazing, Affordable Ways to Elevate Boxed Mac & Cheese

maccollage1While many of us aim to make super healthy dinners for our families, there are some nights that you either want to be indulgent or are too busy and tired to make something complex. On nights like those, I turn to boxed mac & cheese for an easy, quick dinner. Yes, we all know how much “better” homemade mac & cheese is – this article is not a debate about processed foods vs. whole foods. This is simply 4 amazing ways to elevate your regular boxed macaroni and cheese into something delicious and unrecognizable with just a few simple ingredients. Even better? All of these recipes make dinner for a family of 4 for less than $10. Way cheaper than takeout, and much more delicious. Like I said, these recipes are amazing.

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