5 Steps for Professional-Looking DIY Infant Holiday Photos

Clark's Christmas PhotosEveryone wants to share photos of their little one dressed up for the holidays, but few people want to spend the extra cash on hiring a professional photographer. While there are certainly several advantages to working with a pro, you can easily take high quality holiday photos with your iPhone. Yes, you read that correctly: take your baby’s holiday pictures with an iPhone.

There are just a few things you need to make this photo shoot spectacular:

Laundry basket

1. Laundry basket 

Right now, you’re thinking that sounds crazy. However, a small laundry basket is the perfect size for propping up a supported sitter. Set it up in front of a nice background, drape with a blanket and a wreath and voila – it looks like the work of a photo studio. If you have a nice wicker basket or wooden box, those work well, too, and can add a nice touch.

Faux Throw


2. Throw blanket

Put inside the basket/box of your choice or simply arranged on the floor, a throw blanket is soft and pretty. For winter holiday photos, a white faux fur throw looks best as it reminds people of snow. However, if you’re going for a different theme, any color will work. For example, we used a blue throw blanket as the background for his Hanukkah pictures.

3. Holiday outfits

For my baby’s photos, I chose a collection of holiday outfits representative of our style and culture. Clark donned a “My First Hanukkah” onesie and two different Christmas looks: Santa, and a Reindeer. We also took New Year’s photos with a tuxedo onesie and some sparkling white lights. You can also opt for photos sans clothes, but please make sure you have strategically prevented any private parts from showing, or if you’re ultra concerned keep your baby’s diaper on.

4. Pillows

When propping your baby for photos, a boppy and a few different shaped couch pillows (or even pillows from your bed) will work wonders. Place the pillows on the floor or in the basket/box to position your baby. For a few photos, you can place the baby belly down on a pillow and direct your little one’s attention toward the camera. Whether your baby lifts his/her head or simply lays there and smiles, these photos are sure to be precious.

5. Background

Last but not least, you’ll need to take these photos in front of something pretty or plain. If you don’t have a space that fits those needs, you can use a throw blanket over a couple backed chairs to simply have a plain background. For our photos, we did some on the floor with the throw and others were taken in front of the Christmas tree. Make sure there are no loose wires or messes behind the baby. If you prefer not to feature your home, but you want some sort of festive lighting, focus the camera on the baby’s face and the background will blur slightly. If you’re having trouble mastering this effect with the camera, there’s also quite a few free programs that allow you to blur the background. This way, your photo will look whimsical without letting everyone know how many Bart Simpson ornaments adorn your tree.


Most importantly have fun and allow yourself plenty of time to take the photos. When your baby is in a good mood, seize the opportunity. Sometimes, capturing the perfect moment can take a few tries over the course of a few days. Start taking your holiday photos early, and you’ll be set to save yourself lots of money – extra money that can be used to make your baby’s first Christmas a truly magical experience.


  1. These are great ideas. To save money I decided to take my daughter’s holiday pictures at home this year. I am excited to see how they turn out.

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