Dr. Saad Ramzi Ismail Responds to My Article on the “Ramzi Theory”

I can hardly contain myself. A couple days ago, I published a post on the Ramzi Theory being a hoax. While I’m not entirely wrong about that, I did have the privilege of chatting with the man behind the method, Dr. Saad Ramzi Ismail, about his groundbreaking study on ultrasounds.

First, let’s go over a few things Dr. Ismail shared with me in response to my article, “Can You Predict A Baby’s Gender Using The Ramzi Theory?

For one, Dr. Ismail is not an M.D.; he holds a PhD in Public Health and a master’s degree in medical ultrasounds. Again, Dr. Ismail is not a medical doctor. That’s not to discount his PhD or ultrasound accomplishments, it’s just important to know when evaluating his research and applying it to your life.

Now, here are a few more details. Dr. Ismail (or should we call him Ismail, PhD?) confirmed that his hypothesis could work with an EV (endovaginal or transvaginal) or abdominal scan; however, the ultrasound tech or doctor taking the images would have to follow the same exact protocol as the study. This means no mirror images or turned sides; unless you’re directing the doctor/ultrasound tech performing your ultrasound, you won’t know if the ultrasound has been done in the same way. If you’re absolutely set on putting the Ramzi Method to the test, perhaps you should print Dr. Ismail’s article and bring it to your OB/GYN. 

What Dr. Ismail has stressed to me is that determining gender at 6 weeks is not “ethical”; this is because, at 6 weeks gestation, the mother/parents can still choose to abort the fetus. Thus, in countries like India and China, the Ramzi Theory could be quite controversial as families prefer boys over girls.

As for calling his method the “Ramzi Theory”? Well, it’s a nod to his late father, Ramzi.

Believe it or not, Dr. Ismail did not conduct the study to help desperate, over-privledged women discover the sex of their babies early; “The research was designed to help those women with XXY (otherwise known as Klinefelter Syndrome) or other syndromes that can be seen in one gender than other and give an early management start to parents and doctor to make the correct choice. and it is also good for helping the vet science with endanger specious like panda etc  if we want to select male or female,” wrote Dr. Ismail.

Regarding women/parents interested in using his study to predict the sex of a fetus as early as 6 weeks gestation, Ismail had this to say:

Ma[n]y of the techs and doctors are not familiar with this method , please ask them to make sure that the tech must do true transverse section of the uterus to show the chorionic villi or the early placenta must be true transverse –  not sagital, not oblique –  and to make sure that if the uterus is retroverted or retroflexed that the tech do the true transverse accordingly,  and let the ladies know that it is not the baby position in the uterus but it is the placenta bulk, and that the placenta bulk either to right or left. I know that the sex chromosomes are in charge but there is a great deal that the sex chromosome do change and switch depending on the placenta position in the uterus, and this research is too long to explain and it is still controversial. Many pictures sent 90%  WERE NOT TRUE TRANSVERSE [ultrasounds]. And if the placenta sidedness and the gender do not match, it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with the method, but there is more than 60% chance that there is fetal pathology read my paper and to see the relation..but I don’t want them to be alarmed and stressed out; as long as you have a healthy baby thats all matter and if it works that the gender and the placenta do not match I want you to check the baby renals ( kidneys), the baby Brain, and the baby heart for any defect or mild pyelectasis, and other markers.”
Additionally, Ismail is “working on other new marker and this time will publish with med journal that have more peer reviews etc….Rhis new idea is even more better but I have to keep collecting the data and see what I get.”
So, word on the street is to watch for more research from Dr. Saad Ramzi Ismail.
Although he’s a very busy man, if you do wish to write Dr. Ismail, please direct your questions to steveramsey46@hotmail.com. And, BTW, he goes by “Steve” (his Christian name).

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