How to Win the Lottery

The Powerball jackpot is up to $1.3 billion. Nearly everyone I know is talking about what they would do if they won the lottery. It’s fun to dream about what you’d do with that large chunk of change (even if the lump sum is only a few hundred million after taxes).

If I won the lottery, there’s a few things I’d do. First, I’d pay off all our student loans. Then, I’d buy a house in a good school district with taxes I could afford if somehow my magic lottery money disappeared.  I’d put 90% of the remaining money in a trust for my children. And I’d keep working, building my business, and writing books.

Ok, maybe I’d go out for a few nice meals and go on a few nice vacations over the course of my lifetime. But, in reality? I never want my children and my grandchildren to know what it’s like to be poor. I’m already struggling to create a scenario where my kids don’t remember being poor.

Luckily, I know how to win the lottery. So, my future is looking pretty bright.

First, Invest

In order to win the lottery, you have to play the lottery. Start by investing in the lottery. Buy a lottery ticket. Better yet, buy your lottery ticket in advance. Don’t wait till the last minute. That’s stressful and it doesn’t improve your odds.

Next, Be Patient

Once you’ve bought your ticket, you have to wait for the winning numbers. It takes time. And time is something you just can’t speed up. So, be patient.

Create a Plan

Know what your goals are. Create a plan to achieve those goals. Work towards those goals, whether you’ve won the lottery or not.


Apply these principles to your children, and you’ve already won the lottery. Invest your time, your heart, and your soul into raising your littles. Be patient with them. Get down on the ground and play their games. Teach them new words and new ideas. Plan for their success. Plan for how you’ll reach their success. Plan to be a parent, and even if you don’t win at everything, you’ll be cashing in on a jackpot better than millions of dollars. You’ll be cashing in on life.

I know how to win the lottery, because it’s more than a cash prize: it’s roadmap to happiness, one smile at a time.

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