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How to Give Your Toddler New Toys Every Week Without Spending a Dime

Every parent of a toddler wants to know this secret: how do you keep your toddler entertained and interested in their toys without cluttering the entire home or draining your wallet?

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Stop Talking About the Effing Mommy Wars

We’ve all seen it. Pretty much any “controversial” post written by a woman, regarding parenting or mom-ing, is met with a barrage of the same tired comments: “Stop the mommy wars” or “Stop fueling the mommy wars” or a variation of that notion. Today, I’m telling you to STFU about the “mommy wars”. It’s annoying. […]

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Pregnancy Guide to Caffeine at Dunkin’ Donuts

Since many of my readers enjoyed the Starbucks Guide for Pregnancy, I decided to make a caffeine guide for pregnant Dunkin’ Donuts lovers. The current pregnancy guideline regarding caffeine is to avoid caffeine as much as possible. However, the March of Dimes and several other sources say keeping your caffeine under 200mg a day is perfectly […]

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Tula Tuesdays: What is Tula Market Value (Or Why Does a Used Baby Carrier Cost More Than a New One)?

Parents new to the Tula world scan eBay, craigslist, and B/S/T groups with confusion. “I thought a new Tula went for $149, how come this one costs $300?” The deeper down the rabbit hole they explore, the worse it gets. “I thought $300 was bad. Why is this one $1,250?! Wait, look, there’s one for […]

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Tula Tuesdays: The History of Tula In The Wild (and other things)

Often, Tula newbies ask, “What’s Tula In The Wild?” Or “What’s TITW?” (TITW is the acronym for Tula In The Wild, and it has nothing to do with the first three letters, you potty brain). I’ve decided to break the silence and share with the Tula community the exact, precise history of TITW.

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