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Finding Balance: Advice From a L&D Nurse

Jennifer has twenty years experience in the nursing field. For the past 13 years she has loved being a labor and delivery nurse. A pastor’s wife and mother of three great kids, ages 7, 10 and 13, she enjoys spending time with her family, running and writing. Jennifer is originally from Bucks County, PA in […]

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No Baby Shower? 5 Reasons You Should Still Create A Baby Registry

If you’re not planning to have a baby shower, or you’re on baby #2, #3 or beyond, you might decide against creating a baby registry. Your reasons are varied: it’s a waste of time, I already have everything I need, I don’t want people to feel obligated to buy the baby things, etc. All of […]

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A Starbucks Guide for Pregnancy

***Article has been updated 3/23/2015 for accuracy. Everyone loves their morning coffee or an afternoon latte, but are these things safe? If so, how much and what size? Don’t you wish you had a secret Starbucks formula to let you know which drinks contained an appropriate amount of caffeine? Well, ladies, there is. And I’m […]

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11 Thoughts on Alcohol During Pregnancy

  The Harvard Health Blog recently reviewed a study on alcohol and pregnancy. Although Dr. Howard LeWine admitted that the “medical evidence supporting strict abstinence [of alcohol is] not very strong,” at no point in the article did the Harvard Health Blog condone drinking during pregnancy. In fact, Dr. LeWine went on to write, “Since it’s not […]

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39 Healthy, Pregnancy-Approved Snack Ideas

When you’re pregnant, having to prepare a snack can often lead to the path of least resistance: junk. Except, in the long run, that chocolate bar or small order of french fries will weigh you down. Here’s a list of 39 pregnancy snacks that are both healthy and fast! 1. Green pimento-stuffed olives

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